Chuck Cowdery Publishes New Bourbon Book

BourbonStrangeThose familiar with bourbon should know the name Chuck Cowdery. One of the most prominent writers covering the topic, Cowdery is known for cutting through the marketing fluff with no-nonsense opinions delivered assertively.

Cowdery announced the release of “Bourbon, Strange: Surprising Stories of American Whiskey” last week. The book follows up his 2004 work, “Bourbon, Straight” — a classic American whiskey history that, as Coopered Tot notes, had become dated, as one might expect for a whiskey book published at the beginning of the most recent boom years.

True to his style, Cowdery introduced the book in a blog post published Sunday as an assault on the whiskey fictions played up by the industry’s marketers, which he described as, at times, “deliberately deceptive.”

“In Bourbon, Strange, I’ve done the best job I can of giving you the true stories,” Cowdery wrote Sunday on his blog. “Best of all, they are in most cases a lot more fun than the fiction.”

The book is already available electronically on Kindle. The hard copy will hit shelves in September.

Hear Cowdery discuss his new book with Mark Gillespie on Whisky Cast.

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