St. George Distillery To Bottle Its Own Bourbon, But It Won’t Hit General Market Yet

On June 15, I saw the very knowledgable Sku’s Recent Eats blog tweet that St. George Distillery had just approved a label for a bourbon wholly distilled at its own facilities.

This piqued my interest since I had just visited the distillery out in Alameda, Calif. Those familiar with the brand may know that they bottle a bourbon called “Breaking and Entering,” but they don’t distill it themselves. Rather, it’s pilfered from the rickhouses of Kentucky and blended at St. George — hence the tongue-in-cheek name.

According to the details submitted to Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, it’s a single-barrel release, bottled at 55 percent ABV and carries a three-year age statement.

But most of us won’t be sampling St. George-distilled bourbon anytime soon. A company spokesperson told me in an email that the label is intended for a couple of barrels that will be bottled for a pair of San Francisco bars. There is house-made bourbon aging away at St. George, but it won’t be ready for another couple of years. In the mean time, we can console ourselves with the very fine St. George single malt. They’ll be releasing another batch in the next couple of months.

Below see label for the two St. George single-barrel bourbon bottlings that appeared last week. Click to enlarge.

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 3.11.04 PM

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