Whisky Advocate’s Top 10 List For Summer Includes Some Bargains

Ev-WWhisky Advocate released its top 10 whiskies reviewed in the Summer issue Tuesday and it has some good news — affordable options!

Due to the combined effects of growing markets, renewed popularity in established markets — along with less traditional issues, like the emergence of an investor hoarding class or the rising popularity of flavored whiskies — the price of whisky is rapidly rising.

The cheapest whisky on the Spring edition of Whisky Advocate’s top 10 list cost the equivalent of $95 for a 750 mL bottle, with seven of the selections topping $250 and a couple in the thousands. So it’s nice to see that some of the best whiskies to hit the market last quarter, at least in the opinion of the reviewers at Whisky Advocate, won’t cost more than your rent.

The cheapest of the bunch is one I’ve already had my eye on, simply because it’s cheap enough to be a no brainer to pick up after reading positive reviews — the most recent release of Evan Williams Single Barrel (2004, Barrel No. 1), clocking in a modest $27.

Crown Royal XO offers another affordable option in the bunch, before moving into premium category, with selections like Compass Box’s 10th Anniversary Peat Monster Cask Strength bottling for Park Ave. or Booker’s 25th Anniversary bottling, which took the number one spot. I have yet to see the Booker’s 25th Anniversary in stores, but will likely grab a bottle of it if I do, as I’m a huge fan of the boldly flavored standard Booker’s.

Check out the complete Whisky Advocate Top 10 Whiskies for the Summer edition of the magazine here

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